Profile of Management

K. G. Gupta

GKB Ophthalmics Limited was incorporated in Goa in the year 1981, by Mr. Krishna Gopal Gupta who continues to be Chairman and MD since inception. GKB is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Born in Delhi in 1940, K. G. Gupta is a Science graduate and is a well known personality in the ophthalmic industry. He has a rich experience of more than five decades in the field, since he founded with his brother, the firm Gopal Krishna & Brothers (GKB) in Agra in 1960.

Mr. Gupta is responsible for leading the ophthalmic business of the Company successfully and has been instrumental in achieving substantial growth for the company. The company has made tremendous progress in the areas of Exports, R&D and Technology under his guidance.

His future blueprint is to make his 120-crore company the first Indian ophthalmic multinational – an Indian company which will outsource its products to global ophthalmic companies and laboratories. His two sons Vikram Gupta and Gaurav Gupta are his greatest strengths today in running this flagship organization. Vikram is a chemical engineer from IIT, Mumbai and Gaurav has done masters in computer engineering from Iowa State University, USA.

K.G. Gupta is Past Chairman of CII in Goa and is presently a member of Western Regional Council of CII.

Company's Vision

To be a worldwide company in ophthalmic lenses, with a leading position in the Indian market.

Company's Goals

Quality: Our primary focus is on quality. We need to ensure the lenses going out of our premises are the best quality that can be available to our customers.

Customers: We do well only when our customers do well. Our customers have to be totally satisfied with our service and quality and all their efforts need to be directed to build a healthy relationship with our customers.

Brand building: We have to build public image, trust and pride to secure the competitive edge, thereby increasing overall market share.

Values: We believe that the knowledge, experience and talent of our employees; the wisdom of our strategy; the strength of our management team; the service and quality of our product define the success of our organization.
We aspire to be known as a company with the highest standards of ethical conduct, an organization that people can trust- we believe in doing what we say.
Our success is very much the result of our values which we constantly reinforce and communicate to our employees, shareholders and clients.

Responsibilities of the Company

1) Corporate Social Responsibilities.
Social responsibilities form an integral part of company’s goals. To achieve this prime objective the company has and will continue its efforts in this area with greater vigour. These include establishing student scholarship for the children of employees, declared and paid during Independence Day. Also the company has taken up and completed the full electrification and beautification of primary school in Colvale Panchayat.

2) Responsibility of Quality Assurance.
The company has successfully adopted the concepts of Total Quality Management in its manufacturing process and in other operations. The same is in its final stage of implementation.

3) Conservation of energy.
The company’s policy towards energy conservation is that energy saved is energy produced. The company has considerable focus in different ways and means to check the energy waste, optimum use and energy saving in different areas of production.

The specified areas where this is being followed are:

Regular monitoring of consumption of energy in all areas.
Regular and preventive maintenance of machinery at frequent intervals &
Extensive use of instrumentation engineering and protective devices.